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A turban is a headcloth wrapped around the head. It is traditionally worn by Muslims and Sikhs but forms part of the ethnic dress in different areas of South Asia and the Middle East, among other places. It is usually made of a long length of cloth wrapped around the head, but shorter and broader fabric can be used to form a turban-style headwrap as well.


Styles and colors

Sometimes the cloth is wrapped around a hat or cap. Traditionally a Muslim man who is a direct descendant of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) wears a black turban. Sikh men wear turbans of various colors, though the style of wrapping a Sikh turban is different than a Muslim turban. Portraits of Ottoman sultans show them wearing very large, onion shaped white turbans usually wrapped around a red fez. Turbans are often worn by fortune tellers to create an "Eastern Mystic" look. Male genie characters in film and literature also wear turbans.

Sikh turbans

Largest turban!

Turban man eyes record books

Muslim turbans

Afghan man

Imam Hamad Chebli

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

Other turbans

Terrycloth turban for after shower or chemotherapy

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